District worked hard to find great solution to overcrowding

To the Editor:

I'm writing to share my support for Delaware City Schools. Our community is blessed to have a district that has, once again, achieved Ohio's "Excellent with Distinction" rating as one of the highest-performing districts in the state.

As a parent, I love having our kids in Delaware City Schools. I wish everybody in Delaware could see the great things going on in and through Delaware City Schools.

I also believe Delaware deserves to know how to help our kids and schools.

We want to be informed and equipped to respond, help and even vote in ways that help our community -- right?

Did you know that DCS has added 1,400 new students since the last building was opened in the district?

Did you know that our district is so full that many of our kids' classes actually meet in trailers or hallways?

The fact that our schools are doing so well despite limited classrooms and constant growth is remarkable. But changes need to be made -- for the safety and education of our kids, and for the health of our community.

As part of the DCS Education Council -- composed of various community members and leaders -- I'm grateful for the way our leaders have addressed the challenge with research, patience and open communication. Our superintendent and school board have exhausted every possible option (more than 16 proposals!) to accommodate growth and improve our schools.

This May, Delaware has the opportunity to vote "yes" for their best and most cost-effective plan. The DCS ballot issue, which will provide more than $50 million over the next several years, allows the district to renovate existing facilities and enhance security systems.

The money from this bond issue is legally dedicated to facility construction and classroom furnishings -- it goes straight to the need -- and kids' classes will no longer meet in hallways or trailers.

In anticipation of this levy, the district even refunded some existing bonds to lighten the impact and timing for local taxpayers.

In a time of clear need -- given the overcrowding of nearly every school in the district -- our leaders have put together a sensible, affordable and cost-effective plan to help Delaware City Schools continue to successfully invest in our kids.

Now, it's time for us -- the community of Delaware -- to support Delaware City Schools with a strong "yes" vote on May 7 -- for the health, security and education of our kids and for our future.


Gary Underwood