Upper Arlington

Performance audit could be beneficial

To the Editor:

Considering the recent defeat of the Upper Arlington school levy (Issue 51), I assume the school board plans to come back to the taxpayers with another levy request.

I have a suggestion or request to the board to enhance communication and trust between the board and the taxpayers. I suggest that the school board and administration engage in a full-blown performance audit available and administered by the state auditor's office.

A performance audit typically covers subjects such as these and provides valuable insights for board, taxpayers, and administration alike: human resources (HR); staffing ratios; insurance premiums and contributions; employee compensation; supplemental contracts; employee sick leave; facilities; inventory; expense per square foot and national comparisons; custodial workload by building; food service; costs for food, per meals, per pupil and comparisons; staffing; revenue; transportation; transportation statistics, analyses, operations and comparisons; mileage comparisons, route analyses; cost analyses; financial systems; forecasts; revenue sources, expenditures by object, per pupil; per pupil expenditures; peer and national comparisons; extracurricular costs.

Our peer, Worthington City Schools, contracted for such an audit and received many useful suggestions. Upper Arlington, too, will find that such a comprehensive audit by this neutral and unimpeachable source provides analysis and conclusions that will be beneficial focusing on many of the items that led to the defeat of Issue 57 and become a springboard for bringing the community together.

Hugo R. Trux IV
Upper Arlington