Push legislators to back expansion of Medicaid

To the Editor:

Medicaid expansion is backed by Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Right to Life, the Catholic Conference of Ohio, hospital and doctors groups and everyone to the left of that. But it's part of Obama Care, so the Ohio Republican Party is going to block it.

The Republicans are hoping there's a handy free-market solution, but there isn't. Insurers don't make money selling to people with pre-existing conditions or to poor people, so it isn't going to happen.

Expanding Medicaid to families 30 percent over the poverty line does not increase dependency. A family making $25,000 is working. The expansion allows those families to keep working without losing their health care.

Second, we already provide health care for the working poor. The question is whether to pay for people's Minute Clinic visits or their emergency room visits, their routine screenings or their late-stage chemotherapy.

Call your state legislators and tell them to do the right thing, both for Ohio families and our economy.

Tony Goins