Support at polls will reward school district's good work

To the Editor:

I work with youth in the Delaware community and have been endlessly impressed with the teachers and staff at the local elementary schools. The reality is that they are bursting at the seams with students and are running out of ways to physically accommodate them.

Their upcoming bond issue is not only practical and reasonable, but it also will greatly improve the function and safety of school facilities. The district has not constructed a new space in more than 12 years, since Dempsey was built. With the population in Delaware County growing so rapidly, it is hard to believe that the schools have managed in their current spaces for so long.

The plans to open Willis up as central offices, a virtual learning center and community spaces not only will keep the integrity of the building and its history intact, it will also build and encourage collaborations and partnerships. It is important to mention that, by law, the money from these bonds goes directly to the improvement of the schools and facilities and cannot be used for administration, salaries or other projects.

Delaware City Schools are an exceptional district with a great reputation. All of the students deserve to have the space and accommodations necessary to give them the best education possible. I urge voters in Delaware to vote early or to get to the polls May 7 and support this very important bond issue.


Caroline Molnar