Upper Arlington

Watch is on for next school levy vote

To the Editor:

I was talking to my neighbor yesterday. He and his wife are young professionals: well-spoken, intelligent, hard-working and, I imagine, fairly prosperous.

They have two children in a UA elementary school, and a newborn. They're the kind of family every community in the U.S. would love to have as residents. If there was a recruiting fair for desirable families, cities would be offering these folks a moving bonus. They could be the poster family for core values, economic and social stability, growth. Oh, and by the way, they're taxpayers.

They live in UA because of the schools. He said that they're going to be carefully watching the result of the next levy vote. They're making contingency plans. If the levy fails, they're moving to Dublin. He's not kidding.

If one person tells me that alien spaceships land in his backyard every night, I don't automatically assume that multitudes of people feel the same way. His would be an isolated, atypical voice.

But I'm positive that my neighbor speaks for hundreds of current young UA families, and more importantly, thousands of potential future UA families. They are our lifeblood. It is not OK to say no to our schools.

Gary Lusson
Upper Arlington