Getting older not always fun, but council eases transition

Friday May 3, 2013 3:02 PM

To the Editor:

My family is glad to support the Council for Older Adults because we have used the council's services and will continue to use more in the future.

My mother, Marian, received Meals On Wheels through the senior lunch program for several years before her death in 2006. It was comforting to know she was being "checked on" during the day when no one else was available to do so, while receiving a nutritious meal to boot.

This past year, as I turned 65, I used the council's "New to Medicare" workshop to learn more about getting older and the ins and outs of the health-care maze for seniors.

I'm finding out, as getting older isn't necessarily fun, the Council for Older Adults and its facilities on Cheshire Road are there to help you and guide you as you do so.

That's why my family will vote "yes" for the 1.2-mill senior services levy on the May ballot.

John G. Whitney