I am a teacher at Licking Heights Central Middle School.

To the Editor:

I am a teacher at Licking Heights Central Middle School.

I have been a teacher for more than 16 years; thus, it is my life.

I came to the Licking Heights district about six years ago. Since that time, I have participated in and witnessed great strides districtwide.

During my first couple of years at Central, I saw a revolving door of teachers coming and going. Curriculum changed with the teachers, and it was a struggle to get students to come to school.

However, over the past few years, this has changed. Teachers are staying. They are committed to Central's students. Teachers work together to create common curriculum, standards and values for their students -- your children.

I have not worked with a group of teachers who care more. As a result, our students -- your children -- are proud to come to school and work hard. All of us -- students, parents and teachers -- have helped to create a school of excellence.

May 7 is Election Day, and Licking Heights has a school levy on the ballot.

Help us to keep the revolving door closed, so that we can continue to keep our dedicated teachers and programs that have gotten us our Excellent with Distinction grade on the state report card.

Support your school and your children, so that we may better prepare our children for the future.

Let our children know that you support their hard work and that school matters.

They are our children. They are our future.

We are Licking Heights and we are proud. Help us continue forward. Vote yes on the levy.

For more information on the levy, go to protectlh.com

Laura Mickelson