Shop Hop helps network reach out

Friday May 3, 2013 3:06 PM

To the Editor:

It is sometimes easy to forget that Bexley is not a storybook place, like Mayberry or Brigadoon -- full of promise and opportunity for everyone who lives here. As delightful as that dream might be, our city does indeed exist in the real world with all of the challenges that poverty, hunger and need bring.

Luckily, DARN (Developmental Assets Resource Network) exists to help address those challenges.

If you haven't heard of DARN, it is a small but powerful group of citizens committed to the idea that our community is too resourceful and too generous to let any child or family go without. DARN connects those assets to families in need.

If there is a teenager who needs a bike to get to his summer job, DARN is there. If there is a family without presents to give on Christmas morning, DARN finds a way. If there is a child who dreams of attending summer camp along with her classmates but can't afford it, DARN can make it happen.

I urge you to support the amazing work that DARN does in our community by attending the upcoming Bexley Shop Hop being held May 11 with a preview party May 10 at Jeffrey Mansion.

The Shop Hop is DARN's signature fundraiser and last year raised more than $15,000 for the Jeffrey Summer Camp Scholarship Program, as well as the winter coats, clothes, school supplies and more that DARN provides to local families in need throughout the year. To buy tickets or get more information, visit

We all are so lucky to live in this great city -- I encourage you to support DARN and help extend the promise of Bexley to all who live here.

Mike Denison
Bexley Board of Education member