I sent this letter to the mayor and the city engineer.

To the Editor:

I sent this letter to the mayor and the city engineer.

After much thought about the roundabout at North East School, I want to state my concern.

Roundabouts slow traffic to 10 to 15 mph. Why do this to the only through street going north and south in our city. This would not be an improvement of the current movement of traffic.

This is not an intersection, but just an entry or driveway. The school is in operation nine months of the year. Of that, approximately 340 hours are used to the movement of buses on and off Hamilton Road. For this minimal use, the city wants to hamper the driving public. It's not a good equation.

A school bus is twice the length of a car. Approximately 15 of these buses using the roundabout in a short time space is a safety issue for everyone. Buses going south would be the worst problem.

Land used for the roundabout is in excess. A simple traffic signal with activating trippers during school hours would adequately handle the minimal school traffic with greater safety. It would cost less and would be kinder to the driving public.

Do roundabouts serve the projected traffic in 10 years?

Why not fence the school with an electric gate and let traffic flow at 25-35 mph?

Could someone please show me and Gahanna that the roundabout is the best solution to this driveway for only two hours of use per school day?

Two roundabouts within a quarter mile is overuse for the only road going north and south.

Eunice Schoppelrei