Common Core approach needs testimony from opponents, too

Tuesday June 25, 2013 12:16 PM

To the Editor:

On May 14, the Ohio House of Representatives' Education Committee's "witness testimony on Common Core standards" was a stacked deck of witnesses with leading questions by the chairman and other members.

Did Chairman Gerald Stebelton's previous statement that he would fight "kicking and screaming" any effort to repeal it have something to do with it?

For the Ohio House to have an open and honest review of Common Core in response to the serious concerns of thousands of Ohioans, the Education Committee needs to

provide an opportunity for witnesses on all sides of the Common Core issue to present their point of view. It's now time to hear from education experts who have thoroughly studied Common Core and its entanglements and have come to a different conclusion about its merits.

I know of many who would provide insightful testimony from which the committee members and the public at large would benefit.

If Common Core were all the Ohio Department of Education and the state school board try to tell us it is, a rigorous review should be nothing to fear.

It's time for the legislators to use their critical-thinking skills and hear the other side.

Kate Whitesel