Grove City

Cherished gathering for Class of 1943

To the Editor:

On Saturday, June 8, 16 hardy souls met to remember our high school graduation 70 years ago (May 14, 1943) from Grove City High School (aka Jackson Township High School) at the home of Jim and Ginny Everett.

While all 16 were not classmates, all were there to look back with fondness on a sweet, innocent time in our lives, with all the future ahead of us.

The year 1943 was a time of war, some of our "boys" were absent at graduation and there were empty chairs where they should have been; boys becoming men in too short a time. We recalled rationing and the things we stood in line for, shoes and stockings in particular. We would learn about sugar, coffee and gas rationing later.

We remembered the old bowling alley "downtown" and going there on a date; the old drugstore with a soda fountain; Fogelman's Restaurant and the jukebox. We had much fun remembering all the plays, football and basketball games, and dancing in the gym at lunchtime (most of the time it was girls dancing with girls).

We fondly remembered all of our teachers and their nicknames, hopefully their "names" were unknown to them. We even tested our memories as to which teachers taught which classes, study halls and so on.

As we recalled the "good old days" not one of us put into words just how differently each of our lives has been, with the loss of loved ones, health issues, the heartache and joys of parenting and careers.

As for our journey, it has been one heck of a ride.

Polly Farnsworth