Math doesn't add up for tax increase

To the Editor:

I have a few comments regarding Marla Kuhlman’s story on the Gahanna income tax in June 27 edition of ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise.

I believe the mayor needs to reassess her thinking on the 1-percent income-tax request on the fall ballot.

Mayor Stinchcomb commented in the story that she would never understand why only 12 percent of the voters went to the polls in May.

I have not missed a vote in almost 40 years of voting. If I had voted in May, it would have been a no vote. As it turned out, I could not bring myself to cast the no vote so I stayed home.

If a 1-percent tax increase is on the fall ballot, I will vote no. Any city that does not have the financial responsibilities of a fire department or emergency medical services should be able to live on a 1.5- or 2-percent income tax base. I understand Gahanna’s above-average city services come at a price; however, there are reasonable limits on taxing the people and where the funds are utilized.

I am not an accountant, but if what I am reading is correct, we will have a budget deficit of $12.8 million. I understand that the 2013 general-fund expenditure is less than $30 million. If this is close to accurate, our troubles are much deeper than a tax increase can cure, and we need help fast.

With the cancellation of community activities first, it seems the city is following the federal government’s lead in making it hurt the electorate first and then looking for answers later.

The $34,000 that the fireworks cost may have been found in the millions of dollars the city spends on materials and supplies for various departments.

Jack Weaver