Upper Arlington

Residents don't want roundabout

To the Editor:

The city of UA plans to build a roundabout on North Star at Kinnear and Waltham. It may be too late to stop it from happening, but I'm going to do my best.

Not one person I have spoken to in the neighborhood wants it.

Usually, there is one group in the who will benefit and one group that will not, but in this case, it looks like the city engineer and planning "experts" want it, but none of the area residents do.

At the same time that money is allocated towards this project, a much-needed project is being ignored. Pedestrians and bikers, renters and workers are stuck walking in ditches on Kinnear Road.

If sidewalks, a bike path and a few benches were added between North Star and Lennox Shopping Center, it would be well-used by those groups mentioned above, as well as Upper Arlington residents who might be encouraged to exercise a bit more and to leave the car at home.

A walk to the Lennox Shopping Center would be a good challenge as well as a lucrative opportunity for the center. Maybe a partnership could be formed to make this happen.

Is there any way to stop the roundabout? Or do our public servants tell us what to do instead of the other way around?

For the sake of pedestrians, biker riders and even drivers, please do not harness us with the hassle of a roundabout, especially where it is not wanted or needed.

Madelon Dritz
Upper Arlington