Why stop with tree removal for bike path?

To the Editor:

It now appears that the city of Westerville, and Westerville residents, have overcome their angst regarding the removal of 100-year-old trees along Hempstead Road to complete the construction of a new bike path to Inniswood Gardens. Congratulations! Our progressive city leaders continue to demonstrate great vision in making our city one of the very best in central Ohio.

Now that we are making progress with the new bike path, it is again time to consider the extension of East Schrock Road through Inniswood Gardens to Sunbury Road. Continued residential and business growth east of Sunbury Road, will eventually overload the capacity of Dempsey Road and Walnut Street to adequately carry motor vehicle traffic into our beautiful downtown area.

Let's continue the progress and extend East Schrock Road to Sunbury Road!

Thomas W. Rice