Voters should have say in spending of tax dollars

Wednesday August 14, 2013 2:03 PM

To the Editor:

Is Westerville spending too much money on projects without voter or taxpayer representation?

This comes to my attention regarding the city purchase of the Altair tract (ThisWeek News & Public Opinion article published July 11).

There have been other concerns also about some of past spending of unapproved taxpayer funds, with the city of Westerville purchasing other land and buildings for development.

The city is supposed to service roads, fire, police and other miscellaneous issues, not operate in the real estate development business. That is for private enterprises, according to a lot of concerned residents lately.

We believe the city is doing a good job with the service aspect, but again taking risks in hard times, with tax money, should be voted on by the residents and taxpayers of Westerville!

After all, it is our hard earned money and revenue. And the city is or should be accountable to the wage earner in these hard times. This is an issue voters should consider in the next council election, and make sure people (voters) are represented in future land development decisions and held accountable, like the school district!

Again, think about it and consider these issues.

Paul Jackson