Help from many produced 2013 festival queen contest

Wednesday August 28, 2013 4:44 PM

To the Editor:

We would like to express their personal thanks to the following sponsors helpers, and contributors who helped to make the 2013 Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival Queen Contest a highly successful and memorable event.

Thanks to: the 2013-2014 Tomato Festival Queen Alissa Jones, First Attendant Alyson VanAlmsick and Second Attendant Katelynne Titchell: Mayor Brad McCloud, the Reynoldsburg Visitors Bureau (Mary Hudson), Kroger, Ohio Select Imprinted Fabrics, Trophy Works, Hunter's Florist, Milano's Italian Restaurant, Olive Garden, Fazoli's Italian Restaurant, Pizza Cottage and Mikaela Hunt from NBC4.

We also want to thank past queens Alexandra Franke, Jenne Hickey, Mary Malone and Bethany Stark; B.J. Douglas from Heartland Bank, Mr. Van Parks, Mrs. Mary Franke, Kendall Stark, Connie Hauser, Lynne Brown, Brett Luzader, Chuck Cochran and the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department, including Joe Brown, Judy Doran and all the workers who labored to make the stage and the park a safe and attractive place for the festival.

Mike Motz,
Reynoldsburg Festivals Inc.