100% tax credit could change without vote

To the Editor:

On Aug. 19, council voted on Ordinance 0111-2013 to increase the tax credit paid to cities other than Gahanna to 100 percent.

Councilwoman Karen Angelou was the sole nay vote of six possible votes. One council position is vacant, to be decided upon by existing council members, not the city's electorate, due to resignation.

Citizens of Gahanna, this tax credit is tied to the tax increase that will be on the ballot in November. It will not happen unless the increase passes. Whether the tax credit is 100 percent or 50 percent is not the issue. Council members, after three hearings, could change the percentage themselves without the issue appearing on the ballot. The income-tax increase in November, appearing again after being soundly defeated in May, is the true concern of the city. The credit can change as City Councils change, but the income-tax increase will never go away -- ever.

I call on City Council to keep cutting in all areas of city government in order to find the forecasted deficit and not raise income taxes for the majority of Gahanna residents and all of its businesses. Increasing taxes for businesses in Gahanna, whether sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations, is detrimental to business growth and retention. Loss of businesses does not spell prosperity for Gahanna. Increasing personal taxes of residents is unnecessary.

Kate Kautz