In about a month, the first absentee ballots for the November election will start to arrive.

To the Editor:

In about a month, the first absentee ballots for the November election will start to arrive. Those of us who live in the Worthington City School District will have the opportunity to choose school board members. I believe incumbents Jennifer Best, David Bressman and Marc Schare should be re-elected.

Thanks to the hard work of the teaching and administrative staff under the direction of Superintendent Thomas Tucker and the board and the generosity of the voters who provided the necessary financial backing, I believe that, despite the continuous blows being dealt to public education by the governor and the General Assembly, the Worthington district is moving forward educationally, is fiscally sound and, very importantly, is generally at peace.

Without in any way diminishing my support for Best and Bressman, nor intending to downplay the importance of Sam Shim's varied contributions to the district, I wish to express special support for Marc Schare. I consider that because of his attention to legislative matters, Schare gives to the board the level of expertise, the time and connections that are needed these days to navigate the educational and political seas in Ohio.

I realize that while we agree on many educational goals and some fiscal and personnel matters, Schare's perspectives generally reflect those of a segment of the community with which I disagree most of the time. Because Marc expresses those ideas in a thoughtful, straight-forward and nonconfrontational way, they invite respect and consideration.

Answering the legitimate question of why, if I disagree with some of Marc's ideas, do I support his re-election is fairly simple. In a community as diverse as Worthington, a board where the ideas of all segments of the community are represented is, in my opinion, the right way to go.

Abramo Ottolenghi