Mayor makes convincing case to back tax issue

To the Editor:

After reading Gahanna Mayor Becky Stinchcomb's guest column in the Aug. 29 issue of ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise, I have decided to support the tax increase on the November ballot.

Although I am philosophically opposed to an ever-increasing tax burden for our citizens and neighbors, the arguments laid out in the mayor's column are irrefutable. Because of the labyrinth of different tax rates among Columbus, Whitehall, Westerville and all of the other small municipalities where we live and work, and because of the complicated system of reciprocity, Gahanna is indeed leaving money on the table. This is money that should remain in our city to be used wisely to increase our quality of life and not be lost to other cities.

The answer really is in the math. I urge everyone to read the mayor's column and reconsider the request by our city officials to, for the lack of a better expression, level the playing field.

Vote yes in November.

Glenn Reid