Barricklow, Helwig will put students, taxpayers first

Tuesday October 8, 2013 7:02 PM

To the Editor:

As an Olentangy graduate and an education policy analyst, I support Katy Barricklow and Brian Helwig to replace the incumbents on the Olentangy school board. One reason: A Columbus Dispatch article from Dec. 7, 2012, reveals one of the incumbents votes on contracts that directly affect her husband. In comparison, Big Walnut has a board member with family working in the system, but she recuses herself from those votes. This ethical choice by the Big Walnut board member avoids the appearance of impropriety.

Another reason I support Katy and Brian is because their candidacy provides an opportunity to have a board majority of concerned parents from the private sector who will put the interests of students and taxpayers at the top of the agenda. Katy and Brian have experience with balancing budgets and managing people. They can adequately fund the schools, reduce the multimillion-dollar debt incurred by previous board majorities, support great teachers and build a program that not only provides excellent education for all kids, but is also one of integrity. And they can do it without pushing for levies every other year and threatening you with the elimination of sports, art and busing if you refuse to obey.

If you are sick and tired of excessive government and runaway spending at the federal level, you should be equally concerned about the squandering of your local tax dollars by the board. A vote for the incumbents is a guarantee that unnecessary spending and growing debt will continue and another levy for another elementary school will be on the ballot shortly after their re-election.

Take back your school board from the adult special interests. The board should work for you! Vote for both Katy and Brian and you will finally have a seat at your own table.

Beth Umbstaetter Lear