Liberty Township

Margello's only motive is to serve his community

Tuesday October 8, 2013 7:10 PM

To the Editor:

Vince Margello has been significantly instrumental in making this the great community that it is. He responsibly developed three beautiful subdivisions and never, ever asked to exploit our community with apartments; he paid for and had bike paths put in throughout Liberty Township and Powell; he donated the 19 acres for Tyler Run Elementary School; and he has brought more than 100 small businesses to Liberty Township and Powell.

It was recently brought to my attention that a candidate for Liberty Township trustee or their supporter is going door to door suggesting that by running for trustee, Vince Margello has some sort of personal business motive or conflict of interest, because he has investments in the community. That could not be further from the truth. It is terribly insulting considering the facts, and it really doesn't make any sense. Vince Margello has been successful for over 40 years without holding public office.

Vince Margello's motive for running for trustee is to continue to give back to this community. No one in this race has his knowledge of our history or the expertise in development that Vince Margello has. He understands and knows what is needed and how to protect our beautiful community and our schools.

I have known Vince for many years and believe as a trustee, Vince would never create a conflict of interest or represent the residents of Liberty Township in a bad light. I hope everyone will remember this in the event that someone comes to their door talking badly about a man who has given so much to our community.

Jessi Iams