Licking County

Trustees Carlisle, Foor deserve re-election for improving board

To the Editor:

If you happen to be a long-term resident of Etna Township, then you will most likely recall the debacle that was our governing body of Etna Township.

If you happen to be a new resident, then allow me to bring you up to speed. Back then, if you happen to be reading any of the local newspapers, you weren't made privy to the accomplishments of this elected body because the newsworthy aspects of their meetings were the constant bickering, the motion after motion that remained unable to pass due to a lack of majority voting -- not because the motion was not in the best interest of the township, but because one trustee was holding a grudge against another trustee -- and the overall ridiculous lengths of the meetings, some went well past midnight because the trustee discussion period was a war of one-upmanship.

What we have today are three township residents who are not only working for the well being of the township, but who are working together with respect.

When reading the newspaper today, you will read about accomplishments, growth, economic development and a board that does not agree with each other all the time, but respects one another's views and hammers out solutions to problems.

I implore the voters of Etna Township: Please let this board of trustees keep working like the well-oiled machine they are. Let's continue to move forward, not back.

Re-elect John Carlisle and Randy Foor as our Etna Township trustees in November.

Cheri Rogers