Upper Arlington

Adams is 'one of the best' to serve on city council

To the Editor:

I am in my final months of my second term on city council. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow citizens for allowing me the pleasure of serving them by twice electing me to council.

I also want to thank everyone for their support during my three years as council president and mayor. It truly has been an honor.

This November, the citizenry will once again be voting to keep and/or elect new members to City Council. I have had the privilege to work with many qualified fellow council members over my eight years and one of the best is up for election this November after being appointed two years ago.

I would like to share a little information about council member John Adams.

John Adams is one of the most qualified members of council I have worked with. John is always prepared, thinks independently, treats everyone with respect and asks insightful and probing questions.

Most importantly, John has spent his professional career in municipal finance.

His expertise in this area will be invaluable to council over the coming years as our city is challenged to find answers to the revenue shortfall created by the elimination of the estate tax and reduction in local government funds.

This November, join me in voting to keep John Adams on our City Council.

Frank Ciotola
Upper Arlington