Best among best of Worthington's best

To the Editor:

When I think about bests in Worthington, I think about our schools, our libraries, our city services and the talented and resourceful people who live in our community. I think about Jennifer Best, who is seeking re-election to the Worthington Board of Education.

I have known Jennifer and her family since the start of my career with the Worthington schools in the early 1970s. Community service was ingrained in the Hitt family life. Her father, Bill Hitt, an authority on management with Battelle, devoted time each year to develop school administrators as leader-managers. Her mother, Diane, was a leader in the Worthington Community Coordinating Board, the community's first organized effort in the 1980s to address drug and alcohol use among young people. Jennifer has continued her family's commitment to public service as a member of the school board for the past 12 years.

Jennifer has many qualities that I admire. She is a good listener and is responsive. She is engaged with the community through her involvement in local business and service organizations. She has built relationships with state legislators to ensure our needs are expressed at the Statehouse. As a CPA and business owner, Jennifer is focused on proven results and encourages innovation. But what I like best about Jennifer is that she is objective and fair in her decision-making, taking into consideration the needs of students, staff members and the community.

With Jennifer's experience, her calm demeanor and her focus on student achievement and financial accountability, I think her best years on the school board are yet to come. Please join me in re-electing Jennifer Best to the Worthington Board of Education.

John Butterfield