Upper Arlington

Board response was more than 'informational'

To the Editor:

Not one, but two sections of the Ohio Revised Code expressly prohibit Ohio school boards from spending public money to support the passage of a school levy or bond issue (Ohio Revised Code 9.03 and 3315.07).

Although informational communications are allowed, opinions from the Ohio Attorney General and state auditor make clear that school boards are strictly prohibited from spending taxpayer dollars on communications designed to promote or influence the outcome of a school levy.

I believe the Upper Arlington Board of Education ran afoul of these restrictions when it spent taxpayer dollars on a citywide mailer during the first week in October, and when it decided to attack point-by-point the issues raised by citizens opposed to the levy on the school district's website.

The website statements go far beyond "informational," rising to highest level of political discourse.

The question necessarily arises, since the UA Board of Education has blatantly violated Ohio law prohibiting taxpayer expenditures for political purposes, why should we, as taxpayers, vote yes to send them even more of our hard-earned tax dollars?

Mark Calvary
Upper Arlington