Liberty Township

Candidates' connections, actions narrow down choice

To the Editor:

There is something fishy going on in the Liberty Township trustee race that does not sit well with me as a voter.

There are two trustee positions open, with five candidates running. I know I will not be voting for Vince Margello nor Peggy Guzzo. First and foremost, they are supported by sitting Trustee Melanie Leneghan. If you follow her political legacy, it's been controversial from the start. She is the kingpin in stripping the fire department of needed funds to operate properly and safely. She lied to 30,000 residents by saying that services would not be diminished. They lost 36 percent of their workforce. Many of the exceptional services are gone. You, the resident, are not protected as you once were.

Vince Margello has been a successful businessman for many years. He boasts that he runs numerous companies and has an administrative assistant to help him stay organized. Will he truly have time to commit to work for Liberty Township? Will he have a conflict of interest due to his business savvy? Furthermore, he has attempted to run for trustee in the past, only to bow out at the last minute. I think his running is tactically designed to take votes away from the other candidates.

Peggy Guzzo has a political career that is full of hullabaloo. She held office in Powell and as a trustee for Liberty Township. During her tenure, she went rogue, causing disparagement among the trustees.

I am looking for real people with a genuine desire to be trustee, without coming to the table with a hidden agenda. My trustees should ask questions, listen to their constituents, and have the ability to be flexible and work with everyone to make Liberty Township a nice place to live. I will be voting for Shyra Eichhorn and Tom Mitchell.

Julie Losee