Capital plan would bring noise, traffic

To the Editor:

Capital University built a new recreation/event center a few years ago and ever since the residents on Francis Avenue, Mound Street and Pleasant Ridge Avenue have been impacted with more traffic, trash, noise, buses and events.

On Francis Avenue, we have had buses parked for hours with engines running, U-turns at the end of the street, and cars parked illegally. On football game days, visitors block off parking spaces in front of the Bernlohr Stadium and set up tailgating parties. Francis is so packed with cars on these days that only one car can go either way, let alone get a fire truck through.

We have complained to Capital's security and to Bexley's police department but these irritations keep happening.

Capital wants to now put in lights in the stadium and add a new sound system. The 30-plus night events will include more traffic, noise, trash and security issues to what we already have. These events may have up to 1,500 people at them.

We have almost hit students on two separate occasions already as they jaywalk between cars and unload from buses that are double parked.

We don't think that the Planning Commission should approve this new use because it is not in keeping with the Southwest Bexley plan to not infringe upon the quality of life and expand to the east of the campus. They will be meeting on Capital's new proposal at 6 p.m. Oct. 28 at the Bexley Library auditorium.

We are also concerned that our homes will be harder to sell due to these changes. I wouldn't buy a house after I saw what goes on with evening games and practices. These changes are far in excess of what happens around Bexley High School and St. Charles.

Please come to this planning commission meeting and voice your thoughts before it is too late.

Pat James