Choose candidates who know 'students come first'

To the Editor:

As a 19-year member of the Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education who isn't up for re-election this cycle, I would like to encourage the voters of our school district to consider all aspects of the candidates when casting their votes for school board members.

One of the most important characteristics to consider is each candidate's ability to work closely with others -- parents, students, staff members, community members and other board members. The easiest response to questions concerning teamwork is, "Of course, I can work with all types of people."

Examine the candidates closely before casting your vote. Then make your judgment based on how the candidates respond to you, to your concerns and to others, including other candidates. Will the candidate provide you honest information to your questions, respond timely to your concerns, make stable financial decisions, be available for the amount of time required for the job as a board member, make decisions not based on influences external to our district and have a calm attitude in all of the personal contacts and responsibilities involved?

Our school board is composed of five residents. When issues are discussed, there is often more than one solution. These five individuals must be willing to share thoughts and feelings in a civilized manner and come to a realistic conclusion in the best interest of our students and the residents of our school district.

Members must be able to give and take to achieve goals and accept what the group decides for the good of our students and our residents. This cohesive attitude of the board working together accomplishes far more than a bickering board whose time and energy are used in a negative way, causing a distracted from doing the best work for our students and residents.

Your school board members should be leaders who set an example based on our district's philosophy that "students come first."

Go online to or to find out more about the candidates and issues here in Gahanna.

Windy McKenna
Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education member