City needs mayor committed to city

To the Editor:

How can Pataskala voters know which mayoral candidate has staying power when it comes to managing the current city issues and improving the conduit to future change?

A mayor committed to change necessary to provide vital services for a rapidly growing community?

A mayor who has the will and capability to broker the differences between old Lima Township interests and the historic village desires for municipal growth?

One way, I suspect, is to ask the question of the candidates: What is your personal 10-year plan for being involved in Pataskala government?

We know that the new candidate can answer the question with excitement and determination, because he is the fresh face in the mix with an accomplished past.

The incumbent on the other hand has not only questions to answer about past waste and questionable agenda as related to expenditures and personnel hiring and firing, but personal plans on moving up in the hierarchy of politics.

Is there an interest in higher office? Are there ambitions beyond the Pataskala boundary?

The answer to these and possibly more penetrating questions might indicate quickly who has the staying power and who has the commitment to the community that we so sorely need.

Carl K. Roshong