City's services should keep up with tax rate

To the Editor:

Other local cities with a 2.5-percent income tax have the city fund their fire department.

Our fire department in Gahanna is still funded via property taxes.

It costs about $350 a year for a $100,000 house to fund the Mifflin fire department. This is $615 a year for the average Gahanna house.

Will this tax reform also include fire-department services so we can save this on our property taxes?

I am not suggesting abandoning the Mifflin fire department, simply transferring the cost to the city.

Columbus and Worthington residents also get trash pickup included.

Gahanna residents pay more than $200 a year for trash pickup.

I'm sure if these were included, people would be more than willing to pass the 1-percentage-point income-tax increase to make us more like our 2.5-percent neighbors in services offered for tax dollars paid.

So will the city step up and fund these services to help save over $800 a year per family for an increased tax rate?

What's fair is fair.

Rick Duff