Upper Arlington

Compensation is just, levy request should wait

To the Editor:

When one looks at Issue 52 from a purely rational perspective, the conclusion is undeniable. The UA school system has plenty of money to spend on its mission to provide a top notch education for our children.

The numbers are pretty clear: the second-highest per pupil spending in the state.

Over the past 30 years, I have read many studies examining the correlation between school spending and student achievement. The vast majority of the evidence indicates little correlation between the two.

During the past few weeks, I have read letters from several supporters of the levy indicating that UA needs to spend more money to attract, and keep, the best teachers. This argument simply doesn't hold water. Many of the best teachers chose to teach at private schools, and thereby chose to work for 30 percent less than their public-school peers.

Assume for a moment that two jobs become available for sixth-grade science teachers, and both offer exactly the same compensation packages. One is in UA, and the other is in Columbus Public.

Which position do you think will generate the most interest? And which one do you think will probably land the best teacher?

The success of UA's school system is a function of many factors: good-parenting, quality teachers, competent administrators and a communal belief in the value of a quality education.

I believe that our teachers and administrators are already being justly compensated. Let's wait another three or four years before we consider our next levy.

Michael B. Dehlendorf
Upper Arlington