Compton would be 'breath of fresh air' as city's mayor

To the Editor:

I asked Mike Compton to run for mayor of Pataskala because he understands that our unique merger of a township and village was to preserve and protect our rural small-town quality of life that attracted most of us to call Pataskala home.

Mike is a straight shooter, evenhanded and involved in community activities. Besides owning and operating a successful small business, he helped bring back the Sterling Theatre by volunteering with the cleanup and is the organizer of the Pataskala Antique Power Show.

After being elected to City Council from Ward 2, Mike has not missed a meeting. He is constantly driving throughout the city, listening to citizens' concerns and pressing the administration to address them. He follows up on our road projects making sure that the administration is held accountable.

He is a fiscal conservative and expects the government to control spending to keep the tax burden from breaking our backs.

I have the utmost confidence in Mike Compton to lead Pataskala forward. He "gets it" and will not let us down. He will nominate and appoint members of the community to various boards and commissions who will uphold*community standards.

Mike will be a breath of fresh air to the mayor's office by being a voice for the rest of Pataskala who have been ignored for too long. Mike will represent "all the people," not just special or outside interests.

He supports our local mom-and-pop businesses, those that live and work here.

Vote for Mike on Nov. 5.

C. Bernard Brush