Consider actions of school board before casting ballot

To the Editor:

It's time for a common-sense approach to leadership on the Olentangy school board.

Our current board has ceded its electoral authority to an employee and inflated administration and has continued to be a rubber stamp for everything put before them. In order to keep the power out of the board's hands, the administration and the OTA have pulled out all stops by engaging non-accountable 501C4 organizations to slander candidates Barricklow and Helwig and the Springboro school district.

When considering your vote, take into account the numerous conflicts of interest the board has overlooked with regard to spousal hiring of administrators and board members. Think about your child's athletic booster fundraising efforts paying back an athletic director's misuse of funds, while receiving no discipline or termination.

Yes, the Olentangy Local School District is an excellent school district, but that is mostly due to you and your child's upbringing and efforts, as well as many dedicated teachers. Now is the time for community to look long-term from a budget perspective, so we don't destroy what we have built by continued and consistently large tax increases.

Katy Barricklow and Brian Helwig are common-sense professionals who will put the children and community first.

Patrick Grubbe