Upper Arlington

Consider downside of levy loss

To the Editor:

By now, most of us have read or heard about the Upper Arlington school district's contingency plan, should voters fail to pass the proposed school levy.

Despite what the opposition says, teacher positions will be lost, programs will be cut and student activities will cost more or be eliminated. In simple terms, the strength of our school district will be diminished.

As unfortunate as these events would be, it's important to look beyond just the impact on our schools. The strength of our school system is a key selling point for those who are deciding where to locate in the Columbus area. If Upper Arlington is seen as a less-desirable place to live, the entire community will suffer, not just the schools.

Our residents support local businesses, who in turn pay taxes back to the community to help fund our schools and other essential services. A healthy business environment in Upper Arlington has led to successful new developments at Kingsdale and Lane Avenue, helping to enhance the quality of life in our city.

More importantly, our strong schools attract new residents to Upper Arlington every day, helping to support the value of all property in our community, residential and business alike.

Those opposed to the levy state that the property taxes for an average UA home will increase by $458 if the levy passes. But what about the property itself? A 5-percent reduction in the value of that same home would impact the owner by more than $16,000.

There is a potential downside of a failed levy, not just for our schools, but for the community as a whole.

Support our community by supporting our schools. Vote yes on Issue 52.

Kevin Fix
Upper Arlington