Council incumbents are type of leaders we need

To the Editor:

When I taught high school government I always emphasized to my students that one of the greatest responsibilities and privileges we have living in a democracy is the right to vote.

I encouraged them to study carefully all candidates and issues before they make their choices. I have always taken this approach myself and after doing "my homework" concerning the upcoming city council candidates I have chosen to support the four incumbents: Kathy Cocuzzi, Mike Heyeck, Jenifer French and Larry Jenkins.

I have been a witness and a part of our city's incredible growth for the past 42 years and I attribute these success to the incredible leadership provided by citizens like our four incumbents who have been willing to step forward and offer their time, talent and commitment to this great community.

I base my decision to vote for the four incumbents on two main factors. First, the incredible accomplishments that have been achieved during their tenure and secondly, the need for their experience and leadership as we move forward to deal with future challenges.

The list of what has been achieved include: fiscal responsibility, economic development, the myriad of city services, infrastructure improvements, preservation and honoring of our history and nurturing the hometown atmosphere which has earned us the honor of being named the 5th Friendliest City in America.

However, we will also be facing challenges that must be met and answered to keep our forward momentum and because of this we will need the experience of these four incumbents. These issues include: bringing more businesses to our community which will create more jobs and tax revenue, the improvement and growth of Uptown and the private investment on South State Street.

Most importantly, all of these goals must be first undertaken with a plan and a clear vision that will allow us to maintain the tradition of excellence that has always made Westerville so special. This is where we will need the experience of our incumbents.

Finally, I have had the opportunity to know and work with Kathy, Larry, Michael and Jenifer. I find them to have no hidden or political agendas but only a love and passion for this great community. This is the type of leadership Westerville needs and deserves.

James L. McCann