Davidson would be voice for district's children

To the Editor:

The Westerville School Board Election on Nov. 5 is very important to the future success of our Westerville schools and our Westerville community.

Candidate Tracy Davidson, an educator, a school volunteer, and a mom of three students, has spent hundreds of hours learning about the needs of Westerville students. She has learned about our Westerville schools first-hand through her volunteer work within our schools, attending school board meetings, speaking with district administrators and teachers, and talking one on one with parents and residents in our community.

Tracy's efforts in our schools include being a board member of Westerville Education Challenge, a group that sponsors Challenge Day which is an effective anti-bullying program for high school students. She serves on Westerville Parent Council whose activities include raising money for scholarships for Westerville Seniors. Tracy has also worked one on one with Westerville school students, volunteering to tutor struggling students. Last year, Tracy won the Great Educator Mentor Award for her work in our Westerville Schools.

As an educator and a mom, Tracy wants to ensure the best education possible for Westerville students while understanding the fiscal responsibility of the district to the community.

I have personally worked with Tracy as both she and I have served on Westerville Parent Council. I have witnessed Tracy's drive, innovation, and relentless passion to help Westerville schools provide the best education to its students. Tracy truly wants to be a voice for kids.

On Nov. 5, please vote for the candidate who has first-hand experience within our Westerville schools -- Tracy Davidson.

Makayla Sampson