Did you buy your home in Upper Arlington because of the schools?

To the Editor:

Did you buy your home in Upper Arlington because of the schools? So many of us have, and losing 68.5 positions in our district if Issue 52 fails will dramatically change the schools and the programs they can offer our children.

Can you imagine eight or nine employees leaving each school building in the next year? Unbelievable!

I am hearing that the district should "tighten its belt" or that they "need to learn to live within a budget." Our board and administration have been doing just that.

I won't go into details of school finance, the S&P AAA rating, or why all Ohio schools must pass levies. All of that information can be found on the Issue 52 website. But the bottom line is that it's perilous for any school district (let alone ours) to go into a budget deficit.

Our district has been cutting spending, and our school board and administrators have a plan to cut more through an efficiency plan -- with the priority of not affecting the student experience. That looks a lot like "belt tightening" to me.

I am also hearing that we have too many class options, activities, sports, arts etc.

The other side of that argument is to remind everyone that we have one of the lowest percentages of administrative costs in Franklin County. In other words, school tax money is going for our children's education, not into administrator jobs and salaries. That is a district where I want my children attending school.

Please join me. I am proud to vote for Issue 52.

Margaret Kennedy
Upper Arlington