District needs a board member with Schare's commitment

To the Editor:

Having served 18 years on the Worthington and State boards of education and president of each, as well as on many local, state and national educational commissions and committees, I've worked with and observed a lot of school board members.

I can truthfully say that I have never encountered a board member more dedicated and committed than Marc Schare. Seminars, conferences and hearings of any kind will find Marc there, learning, participating and representing our community well.

Not only is Marc knowledgeable about all of the intricacies of school finance, education law, curriculum, educational technology, legislative proposals and a myriad of other state and national issues, but he also has a solid grasp of what's happening in our schools -- where we're making progress and where we can improve. Further, he doesn't hesitate to take a stand on issues. He is no rubber stamp.

One of Marc's greatest strengths is fiscal responsibility, and he has developed credibility with our elected representatives in the state legislature, frequently making them aware of our district's needs. In addition, he has that rare combination of patience and persistence that enable board members to be effective.

Marc is quite cognizant of the challenges that changing demographics present to our schools. He is determined that Worthington meet those challenges, maintain its top ratings and remain one of the best school districts in Ohio.

At this point in time, with so many changes upon us regarding academic standards, teacher evaluations and district accountability, it is especially important that we select experienced and able board members to deal with them. Please join me in re-electing Marc Schare to our Worthington school board.

Pat Smith