Don't trust status quo: Elect Edwards to board

To the Editor:

A year and an half ago the Westerville School Board asked taxpayers to pass the latest in a seemingly unending parade of levies. The board told taxpayers programs would be cut to the bone, extracurricular program fees would be increased, and critical services such as student transportation would be taken away. The voters did their part and agreed to take more money from their families and give it to the board for the school district.

The board did exactly what it threatened; course offerings including magnet programs were cut, parents with students in extracurricular activities are paying more, and student transportation services were gutted.

The latest Five-Year Forecast of the board shows an increase of 50 percent in the cash balance by June of 2017 to $23 million including a "reserve" of $13 million. Taxpayers took millions from their families to create this $23 million increased cash balance but not one clue has been given the taxpayers about plans for this surplus.

Kevin Hoffman, Tracy Davidson, Rick Vilardo, and Nancy Nestor-Baker have all stated they believed in the need for this levy. Davidson, Vilardo, and Nestor-Baker are endorsed by the teachers' union. Why aren't these candidates talking about their plans for this money?

What deals have been cut that we will only learn about when it is too late to change their plans?

It is your choice, it is your vote, it is your money -- don't trust the status quo -- they got us in this position; that is why I am voting for Robert Edwards on Nov. 5.

He is willing to share his plans for the district, plans such as increasing class offerings and bringing back programs, restoring transportation services, and running the district so we can get to 2020 without taking even more from our families.

Join me in voting for the students and your families.

David Stadge