Upper Arlington

Excellent fiscal management also should matter for district

To the Editor:

The headline for Oct. 10 editorial page of ThisWeek Upper Arlington News ("Students benefit from having well-paid teachers") appears to me to be an outright endorsement to the proposed school levy, Issue 52.

Shouldn't an editor presenting letters to the editor be unbiased?

Excellence Matters is the tag line for those appealing for our vote on Issue 52. Yes, excellence matters, and we should demonstrate that with excellent fiscal management, not runaway spending.

By the way, what are we teaching our students about managing their own finances when we have trouble with our own? We should all learn a lesson (and in turn, teach a lesson) from the current fiscal crises facing us with the national debt ceiling. Whether you're Democrat or Republican, when the pocketbook is empty, it's empty. Why do we have to cloud the issue with guilt-ridden questions about our allegiance to our teachers and our sacrifice to our students?

We all want the best education for our students. Perhaps we need to take a lesson from the school systems who are actually rated "excellent" and who spend far less than we do per student. There are virtually no statistics that support spending more money will enhance our students' education.

Please vote no on Issue 52, and let's rein in our spending to match our pocketbooks.

Lyn Amaral
Upper Arlington