Feasel, King helped to make Olentangy schools 'stellar'

To the Editor:

As I walked through Tyler Run Elementary School recently with my daughter, I realized that I might be taking Olentangy's greatness for granted. I saw the excitement of the boys and girls so early in the morning, the enthusiasm we all feel in being somewhere special. All of the awards on the walls with words like stellar, excellence and superior. Then there were the teachers, custodians and other parents -- everyone with a cup of coffee, a smile on their face and a warm greeting to each other.

Olentangy is a great place, a school district that my husband and I chose to move to many years ago. We sought out this greatness, which produces exceptional young students at a more-than-fair investment. My husband and I are fortunate enough to have our kids at all levels of the schools system -- Tyler Run Elementary, Liberty Middle School and Liberty High School. Our experiences at all levels have been first-class with superior results.

In early November, we must re-elect Julie Feasel and Dave King based on their proven track record of success. These successes are unquestionable and undeniable. The 2012-13 Performance Index score that grades the overall success of the school district is 107.5 -- one of the highest in the state. Olentangy's investment in 2011-12 per pupil was $9,599, which is almost a 40 percent lower cost than a similar high-performing school district in central Ohio. We need to keep King and Feasel on the school board to continue providing exceptional and proven results while ensuring the fiscal responsibility of the district is maintained.

Let's keep Olentangy on the continuous road of success. Please join me in voting for Feasel and King.

Linda Schweitzer