Feibel has energy, work ethic for post

To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Bexley, I have seen many local political hopefuls come and go. Rarely have I seen the energy and commitment to our great city than shown by Lori Ann Feibel, candidate for Bexley City Council.

Long before deciding to run for office, Lori Ann developed a generous, dedicated work ethic on behalf of the entire Bexley community, while maintaining her responsibilities to a growing family and several organizations in the central Ohio community. She has led more organized activities on behalf of children and families in our community than I might have possibly attended in my 67 years as a Bexley resident!

Most recently, she chaired a committee of Bexley leaders to bring the Main Event to the grounds at Capital University, engaging all residents in a series of fun activities for the entire family. She recognizes and is addressing the need to improve Livingston Avenue as a major access point into our city.

I am very proud to offer my support to a young, vibrant and energetic woman who is showing that we may move on toward a bright future for our community while preserving the best history and charm that keep generations coming back and raising their families in Bexley.

I urge my friends and neighbors to support Lori Ann Feibel for Bexley City Council.

Jeffrey A. Grossman