Feibel would be leader city needs

To the Editor:

In my 32 years as a mayor of Bexley, I've been fortunate to work alongside many fellow citizens who share my passion for our wonderful city.

These people understood that you can't just talk about what needs to be done, you have to go out and do it. Most residents of Bexley share that passion, but it requires wise leadership to channel their energy into programs that make sense for everyone.

That "can-do" spirit has fueled Bexley's prosperity for generations, and it's why I am endorsing Lori Ann Feibel for Bexley City Council.

Some candidates for office appear at events and volunteer activities in order to be seen. Lori Ann shows up to work. She is a tireless volunteer whose efforts have benefited many local organizations including the highly successful Main Event. Lori Ann isn't seeking a career in politics; she sees Bexley City Council as an opportunity to do more for her community. If you've ever worked with Lori Ann you know the energy and enthusiasm she brings to everything she does.

Lori Ann Feibel is just the kind of smart, hardworking and selfless young leader that Bexley needs.

I hope you will join me on Nov. 5 in casting your vote for Lori Ann Feibel for Bexley City Council.

David Madison