Upper Arlington

Former mayors support Adams' bid for council

To the Editor:

As former mayors of Upper Arlington, we are writing to enthusiastically endorse John Adams for election to Upper Arlington City Council.

When a council member resigned in 2011, council recognized that John's qualifications as a businessperson who works in the area of public finance would be a great asset to the city. Council appointed John to fill the remaining two years of the term.

John has made significant contributions to the work of council during these two years. In the next four years, John will continue to focus on the challenges facing the city in a positive manner while ensuring accountability and transparency.

Upper Arlington will be facing some of its greatest financial challenges during the next few years. John believes that in order for the city to continue to provide the services our residents have come to expect, difficult choices will have to be made. His experience will lead him to approach these choices in an objective, disciplined, well-thought-out manner.

The long-term needs of the city will be John's primary consideration.

John understands the importance of preserving our neighborhoods to maintain Upper Arlington's image as a great place to raise your family. Over 30 years ago, John and his wife, Blair, chose Upper Arlington as the place to raise and educate their three sons. They have been active in many community activities and organizations, all supporting the quality of life in our community.

We believe that John Adams is committed to establishing an open and honest communication with the community on the challenging issues we face. We believe that his superior business skills and strong work ethic are the characteristics voters should seek in a city council candidate.

We strongly urge all residents to keep John Adams by electing him to Upper Arlington City Council on Nov. 5.

David A. Varda
Edward F. Seidel Jr.
Upper Arlington