New Albany

Incumbents should answer for 'exodus' of educators

To the Editor:

As a former school board member for New Albany Plain Local Schools, I feel that a question needs to be asked of incumbent school board members, Laura Kohler and Natalie Matt.

It has been drawn to my attention in speaking with parents in the district that many have noticed a mass exodus of really good educators in the last few years. Ones specifically mentioned to me have been Andy Culp, Rex Reeder and especially Ric Stranges.

I have had the privilege to work with all these educators when I was on the board and they were appreciated for their honesty and hard work. These men have given many good years to this district and I hope that they were treated with the professional courtesy and honesty that they deserved They were trusted by their peers, parents and students alike.

So whenever there seems to be an exodus of good people in a school district, one who is interested in the school district needs to ask, why? What is going on in the administration that facilitates really good people leaving and moving to other districts? It was always the New Albany Plain Local School District's goal to attract and keep quality educators who believed in our mission.

The schools, community, fellow teachers, parents and students are the ones who lose when we let fine people like these gentlemen leave.

Annette M. Lind
New Albany