Is participation in union endorsement ethical?

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, I read a Letter to the Editor from Westerville Board of Education candidate Luke Davis. It explained why he and fellow candidates Jim Burgess and John Sodt refused to violate the school board's Code of Ethics by pursuing the Westerville Education Association's endorsement, knowing that they will have to negotiate contracts with the union as board members.

Mr. Davis correctly pointed out that most companies fire employees who violate their ethics codes.

He asked competing candidates to write and explain why they think they are entitled to ignore the school board's rules. I have been waiting with great interest for those explanations, but I have not seen any.

So let me renew the request. As a voter and taxpayer, I ask the other candidates this question: If you will not abide by the board's Code of Ethics as a candidate, how can we trust you to act ethically and in the public's best interests as a school board member?

I will not vote for any candidate who hides from this issue. I await your response.

Sue Ellen King