King, Feasel have track record of service that opponents don't

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Dave King and Julie Feasel for re-election to the Olentangy school board.

I am invested in Olentangy Local Schools. I have 11 years in and eight more to go. The school board election this November is very important to the future of Olentangy Local Schools.

Both King and Feasel have proven track records of improving performance while being fiscally responsible. Prior to serving on the board, both Dave and Julie spent several years volunteering on various district committees and continue to do so today. They understand the Olentangy Local School District and are serving us well. Their children have attended OLS from elementary to graduating in recent years. They are proud of the outstanding education their children received and are committed to ensuring that our children can enjoy the same opportunities. They are invested and care about what is in the best interest of our children.

Neither Helwig nor Barricklow have any track record of serving the district. Neither has ever volunteered for any school board or districtwide committees, and most disconcerting, both Helwig and Barricklow have school-aged children who do not attend Olentangy schools. How invested in our children and their education can they be if they have no experience with our schools or any first-hand knowledge of the pulse of our district? And perhaps more importantly, why do they want to serve on a school board that has no relevance to their own children? Doesn't it seem more appropriate for them to be invested in their own children's education?

I have three children -- one each in elementary, middle and high school. I want to ensure we have continued excellence in our schools by electing seasoned candidates who have real-life experience in our school community.

Cheryl Susi