Butcher: City progressing under my leadership

To the Editor:

Pataskala remains the fifth fastest-growing city in Central Ohio and a community of great people that I care a lot about.

I am asking for your vote so I may continue "Making Pataskala a Great Place to Call Home."

When I came into office, I recognized Pataskala couldn't expect to simply tax residents as the way out of serious infrastructure issues.

We needed to cover part of the cost by capturing grants and we needed to grow a business and manufacturing base to assist with the tax burden.

To capture grants, it was critical we got involved in the organizations that controlled grant funding.

Accordingly, I became active with many organizations, including the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

With MORPC, I first became an active member of the policy committee, I was appointed to a seat on MORPC's executive board, and then appointed to the federal funds committee.

These efforts paid off handsomely with more than $7.7 million in grant funding (your tax dollars coming back), saw state Route 16 repaved, state Route 310 scheduled for repaving, work on rebuilding Mink Road, new walks, infrastructure improvements ongoing, rehabbing homes under CHIP, blighted properties torn down and funds to assist in replacing five bridges all rated poor.

On my watch, the city's first disaster plan and the first employee policy manual were created.

We also received for the first time a Moody's bond rating; reorganized the police department with a new chief who began using part-time and auxiliary officers that increased patrols at a lower cost; repaired street lights; and instituted aggressive mowing, salting and plowing programs.

You also saw our parks and recreation and pool reopened using nonprofit groups and volunteers.

Lastly, I am humbled and proud that as a result of my community involvement to have been selected as one of 15 Ohioans to be inducted into the Ohio Veteran's Hall of Fame.

I want to thank my two opponents for joining me in running what clearly were civil campaigns and I ask for your vote on Nov. 5.

Steve Butcher
Pataskala mayor