Candidate's connection with society worrisome

To the Editor:

I am concerned that one of the candidates running for Delaware City Council has written letters to local newspapers that seem to represent extreme, right-wing, anti-government views. Teri Owens, candidate for council, would appear to have adopted many of the John Birch Society's extreme positions on government. Ms. Owens is listed on the Central Ohio John Birch Society website as "assistant chapter leader," and her husband, a local lawyer, is listed as "chapter leader." One might assume that they are enthusiastic supporters of eliminating government services.

City Council doesn't seem like a logical place for someone with extreme anti-government views to want to be -- unless she has in mind extreme cutting of public services to minimize government. Maybe she would cut the fire department or police department. Maybe she would sell off the city's park facilities to private for-profit corporations.

Maybe the successful revitalization of our historic downtown is too good an example of cooperation between government and private development. Perhaps we shouldn't have historic preservation standards for the downtown. Maybe we should let national corporations buy downtown property and tear down the historic buildings and replace them with corporate drug stores?

Please vote for Carolyn Riggle and George Hellinger on Nov. 5.

Roger Koch