Compton's ties with Fox hurt his mayoral campaign

To the Editor:

Just a few observations on the Pataskala mayor's race from a former council member and voter:

First, I do support Steve Butcher and believe he has done a good job in office. Yes, he has made a few mistakes but none of us are perfect; his heart and mind wants what is best for this city.

His main opponent, Mike Compton, is a nice guy and tries real hard. But I have a few reservations about his being elected.

Regarding Compton's statement that it is "time for a mayor from the west side," I am sure that the late Bruce Baird did not look at his terms that way. And Steve Butcher does not think about just the east side.

This city had enough division when we first merged. We don't need anyone to lead us back toward this thinking.

I also am concerned about his foundation and leanings toward Mike Fox. (Pun intended.) If you look at the Mike Fox' track record, think of working against funding this city, behavior towards fellow council members and staff and being investigated.

Then look at his time on the fire board: fired chief, executive sessions behavior, him being the spokesperson for the board, lawsuits. And Mike Fox did that with only one year on board. I mention these things for background purposes only. He also lost twice to Steve in the mayor's race for a good reason.

Look at the amount of 4-3 or 3-3 decisions when Mike Compton votes and guess who the other two votes are.

Mike Compton is a nice guy, but it is the hold and influence that Mike Fox has on him that should concern all voters in this city.

Mike Compton has done a lot for this city, the parks, the Antique Power Show and helping to promote safe hunting. It is just not his time in the hen house.

Kenneth King